The Firefox add-on communicates with our servers in three ways: (1) upon initialization, to get the list of available languages, (2) whenever you restore a text, and (3) when you choose to provide feedback. In all three cases, we store basic information about your connection that does not reference an individually identifiable user: the IP address and a UserAgent string which contains the version of your browser and the version of the add-on.

When restoring a text or providing feedback, we also log the requested language in order to evaluate the demand for different languages and help serve you better.

When you restore a text using, neither the original text nor the corrected text are stored on our servers.

The only time we will store your text on our servers is when you explicitly provide the text to us as feedback. Feedback is never activated by default; you must opt-in every time and you select the text that is sent. We store the text you highlight, together with the words preceding and following the highlighted text, for statistical purposes.

Firefox will periodically check the Mozilla Add-ons site for updates. This is only to give you the latest security and bug fixes.